Back Halfs in Elkridge, MD, & Other Parts & Services

We custom-build round tube and square tube back-half frames in-house. This allows us to achieve the best possible fit and finish. Give us a call today to discuss your next project.

  • Custom-strut front-suspensions or add rack-and-pinion steering for street or strip.
  • Rears narrowed, and disc brake conversions installed.
  • Full tub, mini tub, front half, or back half your ride.
  • Four-corner scale and custom suspension tuning.
  • Add A/C to your ride. We’re an authorized Vintage Air dealer and installer.
We can custom build headers and turbo manifolds for any application. Give us a call today to plan out your next project.
All of our roll cages are custom bent in-house to provide the best possible fit and finish available. Give us a call to discuss the details of your next build.

Street-Rod Ladder Bar Kit

Our street-rod ladder bars were designed primarily to retain the back seat and do not require cutting up the rear floor pans. They’re double-adjustable with chrome-moly rod ends. Autofab ladder bars are made of 4130 tubing and are fixture-TIG-welded. They’re powder-coated with a gray hammer-tone finish, which is a lot more durable than paint or regular powder coat. They’re shorter for easy installation with no modifications needed to the rear floors on most applications. We have installed these on 67-81 Camaros and 68-74 Novas without having to touch the rear floors for clearance. They’ll fit other applications and should still clear the rear floors.

On leaf-spring cars, you should leave the rear bolted to the leaf springs. After checking to see if the rear is straight in the car, tack the housing brackets to the rear. Tack in the front-ladder bar-cross member and upper-shock cross member into place, making sure everything is square and plumb. Tack lower-shock mount to rear housing and double-check all measurements. Weld everything up and mock-up the ladder bars, making sure everything lines up correctly. With the exception of final paint and prep, you’re almost done. The only thing left to do is make a track locator if you’re planning on removing the rear leaf springs. Once the rear coil-over shocks are installed, and the track locator is made and installed, remove the leaf springs, set the pinion angle, and you're done. The whole job should be able to be completed in 8 to 12 hours.

  • Ladder Bar Kit with Mild Steel Rod Ends – $399.99
  • Track Locator Kit – $99.99
  • QA1 Coil-Over Shocks Package – $449.99
  • Ladder Bar Cross Member – $65.99
  • Package Deal – $965.99

Order Everything By Phone & Save!

Chrome-Moly Double Adjustable Ladder Bar Kit

Standard Double Adjustable Ladder Bar Kit. New, state-of-the-art design. Designed so the rear rod ends are parallel for easier pinion-angle adjustment, and no binding or side-loading of the rod ends. These bars are made of 1" diameter 0.156 wall chrome-moly tubing and are fixture-TIG-welded. Our bars are powder coated with a hammer-tone finish that ensures a long-lasting, durable finish. Each kit comes with the housing brackets, QA1 mild steel or Chrome-moly XMR12 rod ends, QA1 solid rod ends, and QA1 double adjusters, along with all of the Grade 8 hardware necessary to assemble the kit. In stock and ready to ship.
*Chrome-moly rod ends are an additional $30.
Does Not Include Front Ladder-Bar Cross Member

1979-2004 Mustang Coil-Over Kit

Our exclusive direct bolt-on coil-over kit features QA1 Proma-Star Coil-Over shocks. This kit is perfect for the street, drag strip, or road course. Our highly trained technical staff would be happy to help pick the perfect spring rate for your application. Kits are available for stock-ride height applications and for applications with up to a 2-inch lowered ride height. The kit includes:

  • Two (2) QA1 Proma Star 12-Way Adjustable Shocks
  • Two (2) QA1 Springs with Choice of Spring Rate
  • Custom Brackets Powder-Coated (Black)
  • All Necessary Grade 8 Hardware
  • Installation Instructions Included with Every Kit!

1962-67 Nova Coil-Over Kit

Autofab Race Cars Inc.’s exclusive kit features custom brackets designed exclusively for your 62-67 Nova. The top bracket replaces the upper brackets that protrude up from the strut tower and gives it a cleaner, less intrusive look. The lower bracket replaces the stock spring perch on the upper control arm. There will be some cutting and grinding to remove the old stock parts, but nothing that will harm the structural integrity of the arm itself. This kit is perfect for your cruiser, street rod, or drag car. We have put these on many Novas with no problems to date. We have them on daily drivers, as well as double-adjustable versions on all-out drag cars running high 8s. This is the best thing you could ever do to your stock front suspension. Kits available and ready to ship today! Kits include:

  • Two (2) QA1 Coil-Over Shocks (Single Adjustable)
  • Six (6) CAD-Designed Laser-Cut Upper & Lower Brackets
  • Gloss Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • All Necessary Grade 8 Hardware
  • Installation Instructions Included with Every Kit!

Direct Bolt-On Tubular Control Arms

Available for:

  • 1967-69 Camaro/Firebird
  • 1968-74 Nova
  • 1964-72 A-Body (Chevelle/GTO/Skylark/Cutlass). Lowers car 1 1/2" from stock.
  • 1970-81 Camaro/Firebird - Uppers Only
  • 1978-88 G-Body
  • 1979-93 Mustang - Coil-Over Strut Mount

In stock and ready to ship
*Package Deal: Call for special pricing when purchased along with a QA1 coil-over conversion
(Order must be phoned in.)


• Lightweight Chrome-Moly Tubing
• Billet Aluminum Cross-Shafts
• 100% TIG-Welded
• Reduces Weight Up to 15 lbs. Per Side
• Available for Use with Coil-Over or Stock Shock & Spring Mount
• Built-In Positive Caster
• Corrects Camber Change Problems
• Built-In Adjustable Limiter
• Rod-End-Mounted Design Allows for Extreme Alignment Adjustability without the Use of OEM Shims
• Powder-Coated with a Hammer-Tone Finish
• Non-Binding Rod End-Mounted Uppers & Lowers

64-72 GM A-Body, 78-88 GM G-Body & 79-93 Mustang

Double-Adjustable Upper & Lower Rear Control Arms

  • Faster, More Consistent 60 ft. Times
  • Double-Adjustable Chrome-Moly Rear-Control Arms
  • Fixture TIG-Welded (for Added Strength)
  • Top Bars Are Clearanced so that They Won't Bottom Out & Hit the Housing
  • Powder-Coated with a Durable Hammer-Tone Finish
  • QA1 Mild Steel Rod Ends Included (Chrome-Moly Rod Ends Pictured & Also Available)

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